Housekeeping in Bangkok

These days people are way too busy to be juggling different aspects of their lives. With work, families and other social commitments, very few people have the chance to do housekeeping and pay extra special attention to their homes. If you live in the Bangkok area, you are probably well aware that housekeeping in Bangkok is a common thing. Today, many Thai and foreigners living here hire a Bangkok housekeeper to keep their home tidy and maintained, relieving them of stress and giving them more time for themselves and fun.

It is time to stop coming home to a second or third job. Yes, we consider residential cleaning to be a chore. Life is way too short and time is too precious, so why waste it cleaning your own home? Let’s face it, there are so many other important things you could be doing with your life than cleaning your messy home. It’s time to get your freedom back, liberate yourself a little and let us take care of all your housekeeping needs with our professional Bangkok housekeepers.

Housekeeping Bangkok

Housekeeping in Bangkok is affordable and worth it!

Your hours are precious. Those hours you spend cleaning your home and space are valuable. Our Bangkok cleaning service is totally affordable and professional, meaning you get on with other more important things such as spending time with your kids, socialising with friends or pursuing new dreams and hobbies.

Well-trained and professional housekeepers

Our maids in Bangkok are well trained and have years of experience behind them. They know all the cleaning secrets and hacks, and they continue to excel thanks to our rigorous in-house training for all cleaning staff. They know how to get rid of stubborn stains, clean grouting and get your appliances shining like new. All our housekeepers at Millennium Maid Service Bangkok regularly attend training days and seminars to keep up to date with the latest residential and commercial cleaning news. we strive to use the best eproducts and cleaning practices to ensure good results while being kind to our planet at the same time.

Bonded and Insured housekeeping

No matter who you choose to service and clean your house in Bangkok, you need to make sure that all of the company’s employees are bonded and insured. Our Bangkok housekeeping company are strict when it comes to our employees being bonded and secured, and we have all the documents to back it up. We care for your belongings and your home as much as you do, which is why we go to great lengths to protect you and your personal property.

We also understand how people could feel uncomfortable allowing others to come into their personal space to clean. To put our clients’ minds at rest we carry out thorough background checks on all our Bangkok based housekeepers. This includes running criminal background checks, taking fingerprints and checking previous references. In addition to this,

we also follow up on our employees. We regularly check our employees’ work and welcome any feedback from our customers. We want you to feel confident and secure when you hire our housekeepers in Bangkok and we will do anything to make you 100% comfortable.

Bangkok housekeeper

Extra services by our houskeeper in Bangkok

Our cleaning services in Bangkok go beyond what our competitors are offering. Our cleaning is thorough and professional and we always make sure you will get the best result. We work using a direct rotational system, which begins with a complete deep clean of your home or office space. We like to start fresh, and to do this, we want your home or office to be clean from top to bottom. After the initial residential or commercial deep clean, we divide your home into zones and rotate to ensure that no area is neglected.

When you hire our maids in Bangkok, we will always consult with you first. We want you to get the very best cleaning service there is to offer in the area, which is why we will spend a number of minutes discussing your needs and desires to understand what it is you exactly want from your housecleaning.

During the deep clean service, we can go even deeper if you desire. For a small extra cost we will tackle the interiors of your large household appliances such as your fridge, dryer, washing machine and microwave. We find that most of our clients usually opt for this to maintain a high standard throughout the house. There is no point in deep cleaning your entire home and not having your insides of your appliances cleaned as well. Our busy lives also mean that we rarely have time to take on other monotonous household chores such as doing the laundry, ironing and in some cases, even the dishes. Let our team at Millennium Maid Services know exactly what it is what you are looking for and how frequently you require it, and we will take care of the rest for you.

Housekeeper doing window cleaning